Megazeux debugger on github

The official Megazeux repository recently moved to github, allowing me the opportunity to create my own fork and move my debugger work into a more public sphere. Accordingly, you can now visit my repo for all the most recent robotic debugging developments.

Cross-compiling with MinGW on Fedora

My goodness, I’m impressed. Having released the first iteration of my robotic debugger, I was informed that the fork()/exec() combo isn’t portable to Windows. Nobody volunteered any patches immediately, so I decided to read up on cross-compiling since I really dislike having to reboot into my other partition. Turns out that the entire MinGW stack […]

Break me off a piece of that Megazeux debugger

Breaking news: breakpoints now exist in the debugger. There’s no indication that they exist until execution reaches them unless you look in the console window , but they’re there! Next up: differentiating between active line, current line, and line + breakpoint in the robot editor syntax highlighting. Apart from that, the debugger is now fairly […]

Megazeux Debugging: Redux

It’s been about a year and a half since I last touched on the idea of a Megazeux debugger, and that is far too long! I’ve recently begun an internship with Mozilla working on the Electrolysis project, which is a continuation of the work I’ve been doing in a volunteer capacity for the past few […]

MegaZeux Debugging: part 3

After some more fiddling, basic robot watching is pretty rock solid.  I fixed some memory leaks and crashes, and I’ve moved on to breakpoints.  And herein lies the conumdrum, as I’m trying to figure out the use cases here and how everything should work together.  As it stands, breakpoints are not very useful, because you […]

MegaZeux Debugging: part 2

What with midterms and end of term, it’s been several weeks since I last touched my robotic debugger, but that changed tonight.  There’s now a usable bleeding-edge debugger for your perusal in the bzr repository.  You have your choice of robots to watch on activation (ctr+f6 in testing mode), f8 will bring up the watch […]

MegaZeux Debugging

I’m an occasional contributor to the MegaZeux source code, and I frequently compete in the bi-annual Day of Zeux competions.  Accordingly, I’m always interested in new ways to push MegaZeux forward and help people create games easier, which brings me to Kev Vance‘s MegaZeux debugger.  It’s ten years old and based on the ancient 2.51 […]