Megazeux Debugging: Redux

It’s been about a year and a half since I last touched on the idea of a Megazeux debugger, and that is far too long! I’ve recently begun an internship with Mozilla working on the Electrolysis project, which is a continuation of the work I’ve been doing in a volunteer capacity for the past few months. This has inspired me to restart my Megazeux debugger project, with the key difference that the debugger is run in a separate process. I’ve spent a few days hacking this into a working state, and users of my debugger (namely me) are now able to choose a robot to watch inside of Megazeux, and a completely new application window appears displaying the robot editor and the watched object’s code. With this architecture, the parent process (mzx) simply informs the child (mzxdbg) which line is currently being executed, and the user can happily scroll around inside the robot and do things like place break points. Theoretical break points at this point, but they’re coming. Just you wait.

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