MegaZeux Debugging: part 3

After some more fiddling, basic robot watching is pretty rock solid.  I fixed some memory leaks and crashes, and I’ve moved on to breakpoints.  And herein lies the conumdrum, as I’m trying to figure out the use cases here and how everything should work together.  As it stands, breakpoints are not very useful, because you […]

MegaZeux Debugging: part 2

What with midterms and end of term, it’s been several weeks since I last touched my robotic debugger, but that changed tonight.  There’s now a usable bleeding-edge debugger for your perusal in the bzr repository.  You have your choice of robots to watch on activation (ctr+f6 in testing mode), f8 will bring up the watch […]

Testing linked lists

I’m just finishing up the CS 136 class here at the University of Waterloo, which also goes by the name of “Elementary Algorithm Design and Data Abstraction.” In other words, we make the transition from introductory Scheme to introductory C while learning about topics such as braun trees, hash tables, and more. We’re also expected […]

MegaZeux Debugging

I’m an occasional contributor to the MegaZeux source code, and I frequently compete in the bi-annual Day of Zeux competions.  Accordingly, I’m always interested in new ways to push MegaZeux forward and help people create games easier, which brings me to Kev Vance‘s MegaZeux debugger.  It’s ten years old and based on the ancient 2.51 […]