Cross-compiling with MinGW on Fedora

My goodness, I’m impressed. Having released the first iteration of my robotic debugger, I was informed that the fork()/exec() combo isn’t portable to Windows. Nobody volunteered any patches immediately, so I decided to read up on cross-compiling since I really dislike having to reboot into my other partition. Turns out that the entire MinGW stack has been packaged up for Fedora, meaning that all I had to do in the end was:
# yum install mingw32-gcc mingw32-gcc-c++ mingw32-libpng mingw32-SDL
$ mingw32-make -j2

It wasn’t quite that easy – since Megazeux uses a non-standard configure script, I had to correct a few faulty assumptions. I never figured out the correct way to use


instead of the default one, so that got hardcoded somewhere. Also, Megazeux relies on libogg and libvorbis, which haven’t been pushed to the fedora repository yet (packaging limbo ahoy!), but I was able to grab some rpms that the mingw32 packager helpfully left lying around. All in all, a very successful and satisfying experience.

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