How to identify expected and unexpected crashes in tinderbox logs

I’ve seen this come up in several bugs recently, and it’s time to disseminate some knowledge. Here is what an unexpected crash usually looks like: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /tests/content/media/test/test_seek.html | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output PROCESS-CRASH | /tests/content/media/test/test_seek.html | application crashed (minidump found) You’re looking at a test harness timeout because of […]

Self-serve, now in bulk

Update: the tool is now easier to use and doesn’t require adding your password as an argument. See this post for more details. I’m a big fan of the self-serve tool that RelEng provided for people with LDAP access. When I can see a try build going bad, I can cancel all the remaining builds […]

nsITimer anti-pattern

I’ve filed bug 640629 to address an intermittent source of orange: incorrect nsITimer creation. I first ran across it while working on making httpd.js collect garbage more frequently, a task which quickly turned into orange whack-a-mole as more and more problematic test constructs popped out of the nether. Mounir Lamouri (volkmar) recently fixed another instance […]