Break me off a piece of that Megazeux debugger

Breaking news: breakpoints now exist in the debugger. There’s no indication that they exist until execution reaches them unless you look in the console window , but they’re there! Next up: differentiating between active line, current line, and line + breakpoint in the robot editor syntax highlighting. Apart from that, the debugger is now fairly […]

How to discourage a project contributor

Replace all of the contributor’s code in one large commit Use none of the original code in the new revision Include thousands of lines of code churn in addition to the multi-thousand line rewrite in the commit Use a commit message like “more changes” Do all of the above with no advance notice whatsoever Seriously. […]

Dealing with mercurial patch queue rejects in emacs

Since Mozilla has embraced mercurial, and especially patch queues, with open arms, I get to deal with rebasing patches frequently. There are two ways this can happen – either you set up an external merge tool like meld to handle each conflict, or the rejected changes are dumped in a filename.ext.rej in the same directory […]

Make ye a hydra

I’m interested in playing around with Dehydra to see whether I can create a pre-review checker, hopefully to lessen the amount of nits that inevitably crop up in any patch submitted on Bugzilla. However, as always, the immediate hurdle is acquiring and building the software involved. Making dehydra from scratch involves building gcc 4.3.x, SpiderMonkey […]

Building Rosegarden trunk

I’m working my way through building Rosegarden from SVN on Fedora 12, and thought I would jot down my settings for posterity. My default QTDIR was incorrect for Qt4 (/usr/lib/qt-3.3), which made configure fail. Following a patch in a gentoo bug for the ebuild package, I ran configure with the following inscrutable command line:./configure –prefix=/usr/local […]

Megazeux Debugging: Redux

It’s been about a year and a half since I last touched on the idea of a Megazeux debugger, and that is far too long! I’ve recently begun an internship with Mozilla working on the Electrolysis project, which is a continuation of the work I’ve been doing in a volunteer capacity for the past few […]