MegaZeux Debugging: part 2

What with midterms and end of term, it’s been several weeks since I last touched my robotic debugger, but that changed tonight.  There’s now a usable bleeding-edge debugger for your perusal in the bzr repository.  You have your choice of robots to watch on activation (ctr+f6 in testing mode), f8 will bring up the watch dialog, f9 will step a single instruction (which updates in the editor accordingly, so you can follow the action), and f10 will continue normal execution with the debugger still activated, so pressing f9 will start stepping once more.  Of course I’ve somehow induced megazeux to start segfaulting on exit, so there are obviously some problems that need fixing, but everything starts somewhere!

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  1. I’ve always thought a general cleanup of the MZX source code could really aid development. Last time I looked in there things were fairly messy in places, but granted, that was a version or two ago.

    Anyways, not it!


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