Bugs Ahoy: The Next Generation

There’s a new Bugs Ahoy in town, and it’s called Codetribute.

The past

I started the Bugs Ahoy project in October 2011 partly because I was procrastinating from studying for midterms, but mostly because I saw new contributors being overwhelmed by Bugzilla’s… Bugzilla-ness. I wanted to reduce the number of decisions that new contributors had to make by:

  • only showing bugs that match their skills
  • only showing bugs that have someone ready to mentor
  • presenting only the most useful information needed to make the required contribution

Bugs Ahoy was always something that was Good Enough, but I’ve never been able to focus on making it the best tool it could be. I’ve heard enough positive feedback over the past 7 years to convince me that it was better than nothing, at least!

The future

Bugs Ahoy’s time is over, and I would like to introduce the new Codetribute site. This is the result of Fienny Angelina’s hard work, with Dustin Mitchell, Hassan Ali, and Eli Perelman contributing as well. It is the spiritual successor to Bugs Ahoy, built to address limitations of the previous system by people who know what they’re doing. I was thrilled by the discussions I had with the team while Codetribute was being built, and I’m excited to watch as the project evolves to address future needs.

Bugs Ahoy will redirect automatically to the Codetribute homepage, but you should update any project or language-specific bookmarks or links so they remain useful. If your project isn’t listed and you would like it to be, please go ahead and add it! Similarly, if you have suggestions for ways that Codetribute could be more useful, please file an issue!

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