You are receiving this mail because you are mentoring this bug

Good news! As of today, Bugzilla now sends out emails containing both an X-Bugzilla-Mentors header and a “You are mentoring this bug” message. This means that it’s now possible to highlight activity in your mentored bugs in your favourite email client! I use Gmail, so I’ve created a filter that searches for “You are mentoring this bug” and stars it; you might consider the same, or giving it a label so it’s easy to see at a glance if there’s something you should prioritize. For mail header filters, you’ll want to search for X-Bugzilla-Mentors containing your bugzilla email address.

Note: this only works if searching for the mentor tag in the whiteboard yields a unique result. If the tag reads mentor=ashish and there’s an another account with :ashish_d, the result will not be unique so no relevant header value or footer will be applied to any messages sent to Ashish.

Please make use of this! There is no longer a good excuse for questions in mentored bugs to go unanswered or overlooked; let’s make sure we’re providing the best possible mentoring experience to new contributors that we can.

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  1. I’ve been lately thinking about building a Gmail application that looks at the message headers and takes care of the filtering as you desktop e-mail client would do:

    Any feedback about this idea would be more than welcome.

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