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Dysfunctional Programming » Help wanted: using the github API with authentication

Help wanted: using the github API with authentication

Bugs Ahoy retrieves issues from Github for certain categories (such as B2G and Test Automation). Unfortunately, I learned recently that unauthenticated API users are now limited to 60 requests an hour, and that means that these categories often end up broken. I really want to fix this by being an authenticated user, but OAuth scares me. I would dearly appreciate someone fearless to help me get my github authentication ducks in a row so new contributors can see the full range of bugs available to them. Bugs Ahoy is entirely a client-side app written in HTML/CSS/JS, so bear that in mind when volunteering. Thanks in advance!

3 Responses to “Help wanted: using the github API with authentication”

  1. You don’t have to use OAuth[1].

    We are using the HTTP Basic Authentication in GitHub Badge: https://github.com/berkerpeksag/github-badge/commit/d96bafd6937a61a9297306979836e2232cf98ba2

    [1] http://developer.github.com/v3/#authentication

  2. So just submit a pull request on github when the authentication is implemented? I’m a big fan of Bugs Ahoy btw:)

  3. Yes, a pull request would be great!

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