Things I want someone to create for me, volume 1

A mechanism that automatically expands all collapsed merges in a pushlog view. I don’t care if it’s a Firefox extension or modification to the pushloghtml source that adds an expand=1 parameter to the query string; I am tired of manually expanding each one.

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  1. $(‘.expand’).click();


  2. Make it into a userscript if you want it to be automatic or something.

  3. Heh. I was going to post exactly the same thing, except with Ctrl-Shift-K preceding it.

    1. Ctrl-Shift-K (open web console)
    2. $(‘.expand’).click()

    This does suggest a handy developer tool extension — when entering stuff into the web console command line, give an easy mechanism to save as a user script of some sort, either to apply from a menu or auto-apply based on (configurable) URL match.

    “Let the browser help you grease your monkey”. Wait, that didn’t come out right…

  4. Not exactly sure why, but jQuery doesn’t seem to be available at load (end in page-mod), but this seems to work

  5. Apparently you can’t link to the builder like that… and then click download

  6. Thanks everybody; that was very helpful!

  7. bookmarklet:


  8. Asa’s bookmarklet above has fancy double- and single-quotes (probably from blog munging), which breaks it.

    For convenience, here’s the bookmarklet with normal quotes (in a “keep forever” pastebin to avoid any blog-quote-character-munging):

  9. Hello

  10. Little

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