A Firefox regression hunter VM!

I am happy to announce the first public unveiling of my Fox in a Box project. The enthusiasm for my idea of putting together a dev VM was loud and clear in my last post, mainly from testers who expressed interest in hunting regressions at a more granular level. The README in the first link hopefully contains enough details for anybody to get themselves set up with a minimal Ubuntu 11.04 VM with a preset clone of mozilla-central ready to build. I experienced clobber build times of 30-45 minutes in my tests; your mileage may vary. So please, run $ git clone git://github.com/jdm/foxinabox.git, follow the README and let me know how it goes for you!

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  1. About your last commit:

    Last time I tried to unbundle an already downloaded bundle, it was slower than cloning off the network. Adding the bundle download time makes the difference even more significant.

  2. This is to build Firefox for Linux or do you also have all the necessary to build Firefox Mobile for Android?

  3. This is a desktop only solution, unfortunately.

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