This site is beginning to take some semblance of form, not that any of it’s really visible right now.  I’m working towards a basic root page with the required information and resume links, and I’ve also put together a public bzr repository of the projects I am currently working on.

That said, there’s really only one right now, and that’s Denkatsu.  There’ll be an information page about it going up sometime soon, but here’s the gist of it – there will eventually be an open-source video editing app (a suite makes it sound like a lot more work for me) with similarities to iMovie and Final Cut, but with timelines represented as transformations on raw footage.  The goal is to enable a sort of editing playground – the user should never have to save a backup before cutting up a bunch of clips, as none of the original footage will be affected.  Procedural video editing, anybody?

As I said, that’s the ideal I’m aiming for.  Currently, Denkatsu (meaning activity like lightning) displays an episode of Star Trek: Voyager in a window that you can drag around inside the app window.  This is accomplished with a hideous beautiful open-source cross-breed of SDL, guichan, and ffmpeg, with more hybrid code grafting to follow.  Maybe I can even fit python scripting in there somehow!

For those with a hankering for blunt-edged code (this can’t even be called bleeding yet), the public bzr repository is up and in business!  Ciao!

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