Understanding the Servo Strategy

Josh Matthews, Mozilla


What is it?

Research. Prototypes. Experiments.

Mozilla community members (full-time team and assorted volunteers) with Samsung employees.

Eventually, maybe a product.

Web browsers are hard.

Why are web browsers hard?

Nothing is ever Fast Enough.

Why are web browsers hard?

The programming languages we use are unsafe.

Why are web browsers hard?

They are attractive targets for security vulnerabilities.

The answer: Servo?


Multicore - Servo is designed to scale easily.

  • Concurrent JavaScript/layout
  • Parallel layout

Electrolysis from the start (demo!).


Rust programming language

From mozilla.dev.servo:

Web Audio is an example of a feature which has very little security impact of its own. Its security impact is entirely due to bugs where violation of language rules can trigger arbitrary behavior. Rust prevents such bugs.

What does the future hold?

No plans to replace Firefox.

No plans to integrate with Firefox.

First "release" in Q4 2013 or Q1 2014.

Any products that emerge will target mobile devices.

When will this happen?

No idea.

We have just started comparing our experiments against Gecko and Webkit.

Ask questions.

Do it.

What can I do for Servo?

It's all on github. Follow progress on the mailing list.

No localization yet; sorry.

Let's hack!

Come see me for a copy of the source code and we'll try to fix some bugs together.

Slides at http://joshmatthews.net/servo_summit/

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