Mentored Bugs and You

Mentored bugs? What are those?

What does that require?

Bug mentorship is a contract that says:

Ok, so how does this benefit me?

Several teams embraced mentored bugs in Q1. The results?




Oh snap! Turns out there are lots of smart people who can get things done when given the right tools.

That's cool. How can my team do the same?

It's easy! To mark a bug as mentored,

This makes them appear in the Bugs Ahoy! tool:

Screenshot of Bugs Ahoy

Great! I'm going to go do that now!

These annotations are not magic. A good mentored bug requires:

These tasks are often a new contributor's very first time touching Mozilla code: write accordingly.

Here's a good example of a thorough description.

Choosing good bugs to mentor

This is a larger topic than one slide can cover, however if a bug:

It's a good candidate for mentoring! It doesn't have to be trivial; there is a hunger for mentored, nontrivial bugs as well.

Please consider whether you would be a good mentor :)

What are you waiting for?

Mentored bugs help everybody - contributors, developers, and you!

Contact me about any of this: jdm (IRC),