JOSH MATTHEWS v0.5 alpha

copyright 2009

You are exploring a vast cavern known only as 'The Website.' An echo of jazz music seems to bounce off the stone walls and reverberate in your brain. There is a helpful information display nearby, and exits lead to the north and east. > go north The way is barred by a hastily-erected stone barrier. By the light of your torch, you can make out a message scratched into the wall: Abandon hope all ye who enter, for here there be blogs... You see a piece of parchment lying on the ground. > take parchment It appears to be a resumé, the key word being appears. It is an illusion. A figment, if you will. A representation of all the dashed hopes in the world. It will gain corporeal status in the near future. > go east You are in the remains of a disused laboratory. Mechanical parts of all shapes and sizes are scattered about the room, and half-finished marvels rust slowly on the workbench. The room obviously used to be dedicated to tinkering with various projects. Sadly, there are no labels on anything yet. The custodial staff will surely be in to fix that one of these days. > _